40 Years of Experience


Gould Corporation has been serving the needs of the Stowe community since the early 70's.  First under the care and direction of founder Alan Gould then through the care and direction of Brian Hill.  For the past 20 years, Brian's focus has been on maintaining affordable rates and excellent client relationships.  Our 10 man crew is able to effectively serve the needs of residential and commercial clients alike.



More than just outlets.

› New Construction and Renovations

 Room Additions & Remodels

 Adequate Wiring Updated to Latest Code Requirements

 Electrical Service Upgrades & Alterations

 Telephone, Cable TV, Cat 5, Security Systems

 HVAC Wiring

 Fire Alarm Systems (Installation & Service)

 Home Inspections (work with real estate agents)

 Track and Specialty Lighting

 Under-Cabinet Lighting

 Exhaust Fans

 Generators (installation)

 Standby Generator Panels

 Standby Sump Pumps

 Surge Protection

 Service Upgrades

 Shock Prevention

 Ceiling Fans

 Recessed Lighting

 Security and Motion Lighting

 Hot Tubs, Spas, and Pools

An experienced crew ready to work with your team.


› New Construction

 Standby Generator

 Fire Alarm System (Installation & Service)

 Service Upgrades


 Sustainable Energy Consulting

 Lighting Improvements and Upgrades: Internal & External Lighting

 Full or Partial Remodels

 Adequate Wiring Upgrades to Latest Code Compliance



 Intercom Systems

 Site Work (Infrastructure Wiring)

 Ongoing Electrical Maintenance

 Electrical Modifications and Improvements


 Load Balancing 

 Electrical Preparation for New or Replacement HVAC and Rooftop Units